Staf nr 1

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< Polish Staff >

Here you see a polish language version.( 43 inch/110cm)

Normally you would arrange colours in wavelenght, like a rainbow. This piece of art starts with white and ends with white. The order of colours depends of their place in the alphabet. In this case to the Polish language: bialy (white), brazowy (brown), czarny (black) czerwony (red), fioletowy (purple), niebieski (blue), pomaranczowy (orange), szary (grey), zielony (green), zolty (Yellow)

In the middle you see this sequence starting with white (bialy) and ending with yellow (zolty). And more to the endings you see a kind of reflection.

Each staff has his own error. It is the supplementary piece out of the system. In this case a white one. You can find it on the drawing between the black dots.