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Antenna 1

Phoebus Gallery 'ladekastproject ' (dresserproject) Eendrachtsweg 61 Rotterdam Until december 4 2016

New Life

Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen until May 8 2016

Maatstaf / The art of seeing (Staff nr 51)

Sander Naus at Konrad Fischer's office 2015 (thanks to Thomas Rieger) Reenactment Düsseldorf 2015

Anton Herbert at Konrad Fischer's office Düsseldorf 1976

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New Life

Frank Bezemer & Scarlett Hooft Graafland                  Reenactment Amsterdam May 27 2015

André Cadere & Isa Genzken Brussels September 1974

New Life

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April 19 2015

Find Contents in Future and Past,
Find Paradise in Between

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The greater part of this staff has kept its natural characteristics. The top is covered with colors and gold, a lower part is blackened by fire, and five polished parts at ellbow height are suggesting a comfortable grip.

The sculpture tells the story of relating the physical here and now with the mental import of future and past .

2015 66 inch / 168cm
This sculpture has two more titles; Bulgarian Staff and Staff nr 46

Salon Zerp

December 14 - January 10 2015 at Zic Zerp Gallery

Works of:Barbara Witteveen , Frank Bezemer, Jeroen Kuster, Yuichi Hirako (from the left to the right )

The Unfinished Irish Staff

November 15 2014 Reenactment in Tubbergen (The Netherlands) From left to the right: Mayor Mervyn Stegers, Frank Bezemer, Maarten Bertheux, ? , Rudi Fuchs, Ulrich Rückriem, ? . Photo Joop Hoogeveen

The Unfinished Javanese Staff

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April 6 2014 Reenactment in Museum Haus Lange Haus Esters.
(Krefeld Germany) Exhibition: Living in the Material World

Also on the photo: (Works of) Markus Karstieß and dealer Daniela Steinfeld

The Flemish Staff

November 15 2013 Reenactment in Museum Valkhof Nijmegen
Margriet Smulders & Frank Bezemer
Read more on ‘Flemish Staff’ page

The Greek Staff

The Greek Staff

November 14 installed at Zic Zerp Gallery Rotterdam. On show till December 29 2013
The Greek staff is also on youtube

The French Staff

Watch the video on you tube: click on photo

Museum IJsselstein till 9/28 2013

The Indonesian Staff nr 2 in Museum IJsselstein.(Nearby Utrecht The Netherlands)

The Hague october 6 till november 7 2012

The Match (with Margriet Smulders) Galerie Nouvelles Images Westeinde 22 The Hague

Kassel june 9 till september 16

The Romanian Staff is adopted by Theaster Gates in his show 12 ballads. (Documenta 13) Hugenottenhaus. Friedrichstrasse 25 Kassel

Zwolle 6november 2011 15january 2012

Together with the photo of Margriet Smulders is this German bar (Sprachenstab nr 3 16 cm /6 inch) on the show PASSION IN ART curated by Bianca Runge.

November 10 - January 15 2012
P.ART of your life in collaboration with Museum Le Secet
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1PM- 5PM
Baileystraat 11A
8013 RV Zwolle
The Netherlands
This German bar (Sprachenstab nr 3 16 cm /6 inch) will be on the show PASSION IN ART curated by Bianca Runge.

Munich 9, 10 and 11 november 2011

‘Remixing André Cadere’

In 1973 André Cadere walked his Round Bar of Wood on the Avenue des Gobelins in Paris. In Remixing André Cadere's act, Frank Bezemer walks this almost 9 feet long (265cm) Bar of Wood in Munich. Starting at the sculpture from Mauro Staccioli (Der Ring) on the Luisenstraße he walks to the Königsplatz and then Karolinenplatz. There he returns.

Wednesday 9 november 4 PM
Thursday 10 november 3PM
Friday 11 november 2PM

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