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Temporary work in art space Plu (The Netherlands) september 1987

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Art in Public Space:

2012 ‘Covered Rock’
Realised on a roundabout in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (The Netherlands)

2010 Roman Mystery Overbetuwe (The Netherlands)

2008 Raked Nothing Rijen (The Netherlands)

2007 Cultural Walking Expedition
Haarlemmermeer (The Netherlands)

2006 Stop 2006
Wilnis (The Netherlands)

2004 Floating Dacha
Azewijnse Broek (The Netherlands)

2003 New Path
Tubbergen (The Netherlands) Read more about the iron ore sign

2002 The Rider's Shortcut
Elst (The Netherlands)

2001 New Nature Garden Bethunepolder
Tienhoven (The Netherlands) Read more about one example.

2000 The River Buoy
Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

1999 Off
Molenhoek ( The Netherlands)