As Far As The World Extends

Qua Patet Orbis : As Far As The World Extends

Here you see a colour sample (almost 25 inches) for a second tribute to André Cadere.(1934-1978) André Cadere was born in Poland and grew up in Roumania and worked in Paris.

I laid this study on the motto of Johan Maurits van Nassau in Museum Kurhaus in Kleve (Germany). In this 14 years old museum you could have seen exhibitions of the heroes of modern art like Guiseppe Penone, On Kawara, and at this moment you can admire Carl André. Once Joseph Beuys uses a part of this building as his studio.

Normally you would arrange colours in wavelenght, like a rainbow. This piece of art starts with white and ends with white and uses an alphabetical order (Roumanian language in an opposite direction: Alb, Violet, Verde, Rosu, Portocaliu, Negru, Gris, Galben, Cafeniu, Albastru, Alb).

When I finished this study I decided to immediately exhibit it in Museum Kurhaus in Kleve (Germany). So I didn't wait on a invitation but simply laid it on a floor nearby the exhibition of Carl Andre. (Wednesday June 29)