a tribute to André Cadere

Friday May 27, Saturday May 28 2011

In Arhus (Danmark) I have presented my first bar (English version). Inspired by the great works of André Cadere ( 1934-1978) I decided to make a tribute to him. My colour system is projected on a branch of a birch. This branch is cut in almost thirty pieces.
Normally you will arrange colours in wavelenght, like a rainbow. However, this colour system is built on an alphabetical order; thus, an English version starts with black and ends with white. This branch started with white and ends with white. In between you have three times the coloursystem, the last sequence without grey and brown, because Cadere never used these colours.

As you could see Cadere walking in Paris, New York and Kassel, you could have seen me walking in Aarhus with my bar.

On Saturday I smuggled (André Cadere-like) the bar in the Aros Kunstmuseum so you could have seen a kind of complementary match between this work and the YRP (Your Rainbow Panorama) of the artist Olafur Eliasson. Complementary of form, (lingam versus yoni) and complementary in the way of ordening (alphabetical versus wavelenght).